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Australian Open – Rafael Nadal after winning the Australian Open: “You can’t even imagine how much I struggled to be here now”

In the final of the tournament, the Spaniard beat Daniil Medvedev in almost 5.5 hours, who was leading 2-0 in sets during the match.

“Good evening everyone. Or good morning. First of all, I know it’s a difficult moment… Daniel, I’ve been in the same situation as you, several times in this tournament, when I had a chance to pick up the trophy. I have no doubt that you will win this cup several times. You are an amazing tennis player. I want to congratulate your team and family on all your achievements. It was one of the most emotional matches of my career, I was honored to share this court with you. wish you all the best in the future.

I don’t even know, guys, what to say… It’s something incredible that happened. To be honest, a month and a half ago I still didn’t know if I would return to the Tour or if I would play. And now I stand here, in front of all of you, next to this trophy, and you can’t imagine how much I struggled to be here now. Not enough words of gratitude for all your support I received from you from the first second, you were incredible. Without a doubt, these were probably the most emotional months of my career. Therefore, this support that I have felt here for the last three weeks will remain in my heart forever.

There are also not enough words to thank my whole team, my whole family, all those who are not here with me now. You know how difficult these last 1.5 years have been. In times when it was bad, you were there all the time to support me. None of this would have been possible without you. I want to thank everyone who did everything to make this tournament happen. Thank you very much Tennis Australia, now is a difficult time to organize competitions, but these two years you are doing a great job.

Maybe in 1.5 months I will say that maybe this was my last Australian Open, but at the moment I have enough energy to keep going. Thank you all, I really can’t explain what emotions I’m experiencing right now. I can only say that I will try to do my best to come here next year as well. “

Updated: 02/14/2022 — 10:27

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