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Tennis 9

In the main match of the football evening on the eve of Real Madrid got a ticket to the final of the Super Bowl of Spain

Real Madrid in the semi-finals of the Spanish Super Cup met with Valencia and won 3-1. The team Zinedine Zidane missed the only ball in extra time from the penalty spot. Squawka author Mohammed Butt summed up the outcome of the last match.

Tony Kroos has done many impressive things in his career. He won three tournaments in a season at 22, became world champion at 23, and then moved to Real Madrid and won three consecutive Champions League trophies. He managed to make more transfers than most people ate hot food, and this guy is only 30 years old.

But it’s hard to imagine that Kroos has ever done anything better in terms of techniques than a goal from a corner in the last game. At the 15th minute, the playmaker shook the game when he noticed the goalkeeper’s relaxation and hit from the corner flag.

It was an exciting improvisation that set the tone for further events on the field.

The sad surrender of Valencia

“Valencia” did not show
What happened to the team? A fierce team that tore the “creamy” in their native walls several years ago, missing the victory only in the last seconds. Then the “Valencia” went ahead and coped with the pressure of Madrid.

Manchester Derby “in one gate”. Guardiola destroyed Sulscher
Press & Commentaries – About Manchester’s First Derby in the English League Cup Semifinal
That evening, the team resembled its own shadow. The fight was in the first 15 minutes, but then the “bats” missed from Kroos and formed like a cheap deck of cards. Kevin Gameiro was left without support in the attack, and the young wingers did not enter the game. Yes, Rodrigo missed the fight, but why not immediately release Maxi Gomez?

As a result, Maxi entered the field in the middle of the second half – it was not quite an actual step. Too late and the bill has already been made for Real Madrid.

Isko “shot”

Isco is far from always playing for Real Madrid. For most of his seven-year career in Madrid, the midfielder remained an apprentice or a substitute. The exception is the period under Zidane from January 2017 to June 2018.

Now Zinedine Zidane is back, but Isco still does not always come out at the start. Problems with injuries forced the coaching staff to rely on Isko and he had a sensational match.

Updated: 07/01/2022 — 18:03

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